I just can’t decide what to do with this silly, slightly embarrassing blog. I have thought about deleting it but then realized that I need a place to share the one thousand pictures I take of my child and my dog. So instead of being an oversharer/poster on Facebook I will just be one on here! Lucky you.

Updates: in case you missed it- we had a baby and we are kind of crazy about him.


I’ve thought about posting his birth story but it would be a million pages long and might make me sound slightly dramatic. The short version: I was in labor for 12 hours and then we realized Colin was breech. He was born via c-section on March 10. He weighed 9 pounds 1.5 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches long. Between a stomach virus and dehydration, his birth, and an infection afterwards we stayed in the hospital a total of 9 days. For the love.


It’s true what they say- that you’ll find yourself a few weeks after they’re born and you’ll be so in love with this tiny human that you say you’d do it all again in a heartbeat.



Don’t you worry about Elaine- she is adjusting just fine. She does, however, think that some of Colin’s stuff is for her. Is this a play mat thing or Elaine’s new bed?


She loves him as long as he doesn’t cry. Crying scares her.


I think they will be the best of friends.


So there you have it- Colin was born, Elaine is her same spazzy self and our hearts have never been so full.

Almost There!

Holy cow, it’s already February! How did that happen?! I haven’t been updating because there hasn’t been anything exciting to share. I don’t even have pretty Maine winter pictures to show you because I haven’t gone outside for an extended period of time (besides for recess duty!) since November. It has been FREEZING COLD and really icy this winter.


See? I’m not just being dramatic. ;) We are anxiously awaiting the birth of our baby boy and the arrival of Spring (I say this as we’re in the middle of a 14 inch snow storm…)!


Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks! The third trimester has been very good to me- I’ve had a lot more energy and in general just feel good. I’m still running and have actually been faster (as in faster than 11:00 pace, ha!) these past few weeks than I have been my whole pregnancy. Apparently gaining 33 (!!!!) pounds makes you faster. I usually do 3-4 miles every other day.

We had a half day of school today because of snow and while I took a nap this afternoon Nick nested.


Elaine is really scared of the play yard- I think she’s afraid we’re going to put her in it!


She also cannot figure out how Nick is inside the video monitor.


Maybe tomorrow we’ll venture out and take a walk in the winter wonderland. Or we’ll just lay around.


…maybe my next post will be the announcement of Colin’s birth! Pray with me that I do NOT go into labor on my due date because my mom won’t be able to be there (I’ve never hated the MCAS more…)! Maybe he could come a week early and be born on my dad and brothers birthday :)

Christmas Vacation

It’s the first day of Christmas vacation… And I’ve been up since 5:30 (which technically is sleeping in, so I’ll take it!). The last three weeks have been CRAZY and I’m actually not sure how I survived. Teaching before Christmas is more exhausting than running any marathon. I promise.


The snow has started falling here in Maine and from what I learned last year- once it starts, it doesn’t stop! We were snowed in last weekend and as I write this we are waiting out an ice storm. Thankfully, we still have friends come visit us ;).


Pregnancy wise- I have been feeling really good (except for catching a stomach bug a few weeks ago…). Nick bought me a treadmill for Christmas and gave it to me after Thanksgiving because it was already so icy outside (and -14 degrees). I’ve been running a little more than I was earlier in my pregnancy- but just because I’m feeling so much better.


Nick sold some of his books in order to pay for the treadmill. That’s true love, people. He loves his books as much as I love Elaine.

(This situation didn’t end so well….)

We’re now in the third trimester!! I feel like I woke up one morning and had suddenly passed from “cute” to “that’s huge.”



Some things students have said:

*they have named our baby “Taco” and will only refer to him as that (6th graders don’t make sense…)

“I can’t wait for Taco to get here so I can trade Pokemon cards with him.”

“If you send Taco to this school, I bet he will hate gym because that teacher makes you exercise.”

“Mrs. Lutzo, did you know that sometimes pregnant women are really grumpy?” Me: “Yes, do your math!!!”

This happened on Friday:…this student (who shockingly is the same student who never knows what’s for homework, or what page we’re on, etc…)…”Wait…what?!? Mrs. Lutzo, you’re having a baby?!?”
“Is it a girl or a boy?”
“A boy.”
“Oh, that’s too bad. But congratulations anyway.”

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!


Turkey Trotters

We had a great Thanksgiving! The day started off with a little 5k and I think everyone had fun. Maybe.


My goal for the race was to run it in 34:00 but I didn’t really know what to expect because I’m learning that pregnant bodies are unpredictable. I started off the first mile slow and then realized that I was feeling really good so I spent the last two miles passing all kinds of people. I would never consider myself a competitive person but passing people when you are pregnant is exciting. I crossed the finish line at 30:17- my slowest 5k ever and probably the one I am most proud of.


Also, I don’t know if I’ve introduced you guys to this handsome little fella. This is my parents (really mine…I manipulated my dad into buying him when I was in 7th grade) dog, Calvin. He is the worst dog on the planet and he is incredibly old and he just won’t die. He has eaten remotes, a box of staples, and tons of chocolate.

Something very exciting: my brother is engaged! I stole this picture from their Facebook because I forgot to take one. We like her- a lot!


And then we went Black Friday shopping til I couldn’t stand up anymore. Best deal I found: this holiday sweater for Lainey.


Baby update: I don’t have anything to compare this to but I feel like this kid is outa control in there. My mom got to feel him kick while I was home!

I read somewhere that he can recognize our voices now! Nick preached today and in case you were wondering- Nick with a microphone is extremely loud. And our little Colin was going CRAZY! HA!



November is leaving blustery and cold. Every day I say that it is “too windy/freezing cold and I am NOT running!” Then 5 minutes later I am lacing up and heading out the door before the sun comes up. I know all you runners out there understand- my soul needs running.


I need those quiet miles- the ones where my headlamp is the only light for miles on the Maine country roads- before a crazy day of teaching. I love that when I run I can feel the worries and anxieties shed off of me as the miles pass.


It is when I hear God most clearly- where I find peace. I’m so thankful that running still gives me this even when I am getting “heavy” pregnant (Nick’s term HA!), moving at the pace of a snail and peeing my pants.


I have been trying to bully Nick into training for that 5k with me. This is a very useful form of persuasion that I learned from my communications professor in college. ;) I tell him things like “your heavy pregnant wife is going to kick your butt” and “you’re going to be finishing with eighty year olds.” It hasn’t worked.


Things my students have told me this week:
“Mrs. Lutzo, I will trade you my brother for your baby.”
“If you want your baby to be a dancer, you’re going to need some suction cups.” – I was afraid to ask any questions about this one. And this…
“You need a net for your baby. Ya’ know- so you can swing it back and forth and it will have good equilibrium when it gets older.”


Someone (not a student!) asked me if I was having twins. Nick and my mother thought it was hilarious.

I think Colin is going to be just like my sister. He loves Chinese food, diet coke and gets the hiccups a lot (my sister gets hiccups that sound like a pterodactyl in distress).


Oh, crazy Lainey. Love her.

Crazy Kids

It is freezing cold outside. We had our first snow a few days ago! I think Nick must be busy or something because he hasn’t put up our Christmas tree yet and it’s usually up by now.


By now, it’s pretty obvious that I am pregnant and my students have had plenty to say about it! I thought 6th graders would have more of a filter than little kids…but they don’t. Here’s some of my favorites:

“Mrs. Lutzo, everyday I am just thinking that you are soooooo pregnant!”

“Wow, your belly is getting really big!”

“I think you are getting slower at going up the stairs.”

“Mrs. Lutzo, I know this has nothing to do with division, but Sally thinks your pregnant.” “I am!” …. Student starts weeping…. After they compose themselves she says “Well, I hope you haven’t been standing in front of any microwaves.”

“Mrs. Lutzo, I’m just wondering if you were thinking of going on a diet.”

“I can’t wait til your baby gets here. I might steal it.”

Crazy kids.


Doesn’t that just look cold?!

Lainey has been her sweet little needy self lately. This is what she does when we are not giving her enough attention:



Any snow where you are?!

No Shave November

Hello, November!!

November is my favorite, I think. I just love thanksgiving so much! AND- we’re all signed up for a 5k Thanksgiving morning and I am overly excited about it. Even Nick signed up (I promise I didn’t nag him about it at all…) Now I just need to find the perfect race outfit that will cover my ever growing butt belly.


Today I drove 5 minutes away to run because I am bored of my running route! It was gorgeous.



I ran 3 miles at the blazing pace of 11:00.



I’ve been putting Lainey in her vest even during our day-light runs because its hunting season! (I am so proud of myself for knowing that- just don’t ask me what type of hunting season it is…)


A lot of people have asked me if Nick is freaking out about having a baby. And the answer is “NO.” Nick is as cool as a cucumber about the whole thing. He already has set up the crib, the swing and folded and organized all the clothes we’ve been given.

Who’s freaking out/ being irrational about things? ME! That’s probably not surprising at all to those who know me well but the whole “raising a human and still trying to work and being no where near our families and remaining sane” thing is kind of overwhelming to me. I’m sure we’ll survive.

Other things: Colin either really loves or hates my piano playing but when I play he goes outa control in there. Elaine hates it and climbs under the covers- every time .

Yesterday I bought all kinds of clearance Halloween candy. Mostly peppermint patties because those are now my favorite.